Contact Details

Senior Staff  
Should you wish to speak with any of our senior staff, please contact the main office between 8.30am - 3.30pm to make an appointment.
Senior Staff
Principal:  Samantha Woodham
Assistant Principals:  Tania Bowman, Toby O’Connor
Advanced Skills TeachersJen Hayes, Sandy Long
School Business Manager:  Jo Puccetti
Support Staff  
Position: Gene Colgrave (School Psychologist), Keryn Geard (Social Worker), Rachel Chivas (Speech Pathologist), Sara Roe (Chaplain)
Grade Leaders  
Early Years/Kinder: Jen Hayes
Grade Prep: Jen Hayes
Grade 1/2: Sandy Long
Grade 3/4: Tania Bowman
Grade 5/6: Toby O’Connor