Our School Vision......
Together we aim to empower all individuals to achieve their true potential in a safe, supportive and engaging environment.
Summerdale Primary School has a rich and exciting history. The school has for some time been acknowledged as the largest primary school in Tasmania, however our enrolments have declined over the last few years. Despite our size, Summerdale has always been committed to providing the best possible teaching and learning programs for our children and has been a leader of schools by offering a quality educative experience across the full educational spectrum. This is reflected in the great many innovative and supportive programs in which our teachers and children have been involved over a number of years.
Summerdale has a strong history in curriculum development. The most recent example being the development of a strong foundational Literacy skills program which offers small group, focussed literacy teaching. Numeracy, ICT skills and Science are key curriculum areas of focus. The school has a culture of Arts and sporting excellence. These key areas in the school are supported by high quality Dance and Visual Arts programs and skills based H&PE program. Summerdale provides a “best practice” model in understanding and support for children with high and additional needs, particularly the Room 7 initiative. The implementation of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support has shifted the focus of student support from managing classroom and playground behaviour to developing the values of respect and responsibility, acknowledging positive choices, rewarding success and implementing effective strategies for managing unacceptable behaviours.
We have a vision of school improvement and excellence that strongly promotes Summerdale as a learning community; that clearly focuses on improving student learning outcomes through quality teaching. Our aim is to strengthen our links with the community and to shift perceptions of Summerdale Primary School “From Biggest To Best.”


Samantha Woodham