School Association

The School Association is a formally elected body. The Association consists of nine elected members: four staff including the Principal, four community members, three of whom will be parents and a Parents and Friends representative. The Association is the overarching body that has formally established sub- committees and any special purpose committees.

The functions of the Association are:

- to participate in the drawing up, implementation and review of the school plan.
- to establish priorities and formulate school policies in response to existing and anticipated needs.
- participate in discussions with the Government and other appropriate organisations on the needs of the school.
- to establish policy and monitor resource management programs of the school.
- to monitor and evaluate the performance of the school.
- to be flexible and responsive to school and community needs.
- to establish policy on and monitor the development of the school environment.
- to perform any other function the Minister may determine.

The Association meets on the first Tuesday of each month during the school year in the Board Room. Parents are welcome to attend meetings as observers, but do not have voting rights.