From Our Principal

Summerdale Primary School has a rich and exciting history. Summerdale has always been committed to providing the best possible teaching and learning programs for our children and has been a leader of schools by offering a quality educative experience across the full educational spectrum. This is reflected in the many innovative and supportive programs in which our staff and students have been involved over a number of years.

Summerdale provides a specialised Autism class for students in Grade 3 to 6. A maximum of ten students in this class are supported by an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and a highly skilled Teacher Assistant.

The implementation of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support has shifted the focus of student support from managing classroom and playground behaviour to developing the values of respect, aspiration, courage and growth, acknowledging positive choices, rewarding success and implementing effective strategies for managing unacceptable behaviours.

We have a vision of school improvement and excellence that strongly promotes Summerdale as a Professional Learning Community (PLC); that clearly focuses on improving student learning outcomes through quality teaching. Teachers work collaboratively focussing on student results and data on a weekly basis to ensure all students reach their true potential.

We offer a wide range of experience for families and children from birth to five years. Refer to the “Launching into Learning” section on this website for a current brochure and session times.

Students have access to specialist teachers through Music, Physical Education, Library, Food Studies (Grade 3-6) and Digital Technologies (Prep-Grade 2). We have a range of highly skilled teachers in support roles who provide learning intervention, support for students with disabilities and extension programs for highly able and gifted students.

Volunteers play an important role throughout our school every day. From parent help in classrooms to an active School Association and everything in between. Volunteers are highly valued at Summerdale Primary School. As our school song suggests; “Summerdale Primary School is a great place to be.”

Adam Eastley

Our School Vision….

Together we aim to empower
all individuals to achieve their true
potential in a safe, supportive and
engaging environment.

Our Values….


A culture of high expectations and high achievement


Accepting challenges and embracing opportunities


Improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things


Respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment